October 15-16, 2016 University of Washington Seattle
Our Mission
Believe. Connect. Build.
  • We believe in empowering and enriching humanity.
  • We connect people and new perspectives to promote
  • inclusion, diversity, and accessibility.
  • We build solutions for problems worth solving, together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DubHacks?

DubHacks is a 24-hour collegiate hackathon held at the University of Washington in Seattle. We believe technology has the power to spark positive social change in our communities. Our mission is to promote inclusion, diversity, and accessibility in everything we do. We gather undergraduate students of all backgrounds to bridge the gap between technology and social advocacy in hopes to inspire individuals to build creative tools that can be used to tackle society's biggest issues. Our community welcomes everyone, including all levels of programming skills. We encourage all students to join, as there will be mentors to help teach you about new technologies.

Who can attend?

We are all different people from different places with our own unique perspectives. This is why we welcome and encourage undergraduate students of all backgrounds to join us. Unfortunately we are unable to admit high school students. Applications are now closed.

What about travel reimbursment?

Distance should not be a barrier. Travel reimbursement will be provided for certain individuals depending on their need.

How much does this cost?

DubHacks has noted the power of bringing together people and ideas to create new solutions. Because of this, all the essentials such as food and internet will be completely free for the weekend, allowing participants to focus on their projects.

What should I bring?

Besides motivation and passion to intertwine social impact and technology, participants should bring a laptop, charger, and their student ID. A toothbrush, sleeping bag, and a change of clothes is recommended.

How big are the teams?

To take advantage of our diverse community, we encourage you to work with individuals you do not know. We will have team formation activities in the weeks leading up to the event to facilitate this process. However, teams can be a maximum of 5 people.

What should I build?

We want to inspire participants to develop creative tools that can be used to tackle society’s biggest issues. That could be a project for, Health, Social Justice, Diversity, Accessibility, Environment, Education or any other social area you choose.

Are we allowed to build on past projects?

This experience is meant to build on something completely new. With that in mind, you cannot work on past projects. Using your own APIs or third-party APIs is alright as long as the project is a fresh start.

Will you have hardware equipment to use?

Yes. Our partners at MLH will have limited stock of Oculus Rifts, Myo armbands, Leap Motions, Arduinos, 3D printers and more to loan out to attendees at our event.

I have a different question. Who can I ask?

Reach out to us at via Twitter, Facebook, or send an email to [email protected].


October 15th
October 16th